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Welcome to Ashford Prep School. We are located in the beautiful village of Great Chart on the outskirts of Ashford and have a vast site of 40 acres with superb facilities.

Ashford Prep School
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3 months - 11 years

At Ashford Prep School, we believe that learning should be the ultimate adventure. Our aim is to provide an environment that inspires the minds and souls of those who are part of our warm School community. We are committed to providing an educational experience that recognises the right of every child to be provided with diverse opportunities and skilful guidance to optimise their potential, ensuring that they not only become great pupils, but more importantly great people.

Within our School, we recognise the importance of the individuality in each child. We not only embrace each child as a distinct character in their own right, but also the vital part that we all can play in ensuring that Ashford Prep is a happy environment in which to learn, play and grow. We cherish every child who is part of our School community and encourage them to take care of those that are around them, so that each child in turn contributes to an overwhelmingly warm and positive atmosphere.

"We have a simple motto that sums up what we expect from everyone who forms part of our Prep School; Always Be Caring"

We believe that the formative years at Prep School are crucial to building the firm foundations required for a lifelong love of learning. We ensure that we do our best by every pupil, every day; never missing out on an opportunity to grow. Academic rigour is a key ingredient in the success of our School, but it is framed through an understanding that education is about so much more than just exams. Children need inspiration, adventure, care and a healthy dose of well-pitched challenge in order to truly thrive. Moreover, we believe that in order for a Prep School to truly prepare their children for their onward journey, they need to experience an education that is broad and allows them the space to explore what it is that they are passionate about.

Our aim is for every child to leave the Prep School as a vastly skilled all-rounder with a kind heart, positivity running through their veins and their eyes open wide to the inspiration that surrounds them.

Come and visit us and you will see just what makes Ashford Prep School such a wonderful place to thrive and learn.

Nick Tiley-Nunn
Head of Ashford Prep School

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