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Design and Technology

In Pre-Prep, Design and Technology is taught through ‘DT weeks’, in which a whole week is dedicated to the design and completion of a project.

These are scattered throughout the school year and various subject areas are explored, from cooking and baking, to junk modelling. Through our DT weeks, the children are taught to think carefully about design and the materials and equipment needed to complete a project, as well as the final product. They learn how to use a range of tools safely, including scissors and glue, as well as learning about some technical skills, such as different ways of joining or creating a hinge. At the end of a project, the children will evaluate what they have made, thinking about what they like and things that they would change next time.

In Reception, the children create junk model dinosaurs, a hand puppet and a delicious pumpkin soup.

In Year 1, projects include an animal mask, a junk model spaceship and a gingerbread person.

In Year 2, the children have the opportunity to design and make castles, bread rolls and Tudor-style houses.