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Home Economics

Year 3’s introduction to Home Economics includes looking at equipment, safety, developing an understanding for healthy food and creating simple fruit recipes. They learn about the work of the artist Arcimboldo (designing their own fruit faces) and how Doctor James Lind found a cure for scurvy. They look at, and taste, a variety of fruit grown locally and abroad and understand about seasonal produce.  An outdoor apple activity and making Apple Muffins end their first session.

Children in Year 4 think about a balanced diet and how to create simple healthy food. They make a selection of soups using produce grown in the School’s own HE garden. They also bake their own cheese scones, and learn how cheese, tea and chocolate are produced. During the Spring term, they undertake a project on Fairtrade. They see how it can change lives, look at the different products available and make Crumbly Banana Squares using Fairtrade ingredients.

During the Autumn term, Year 5 design, plan and make their own Christmas cake. The following term the children learn how bread is made and look at and taste a variety of breads from around the world. During their practical sessions, they produce a selection of breads including Naan, Fruit Soda Bread, Focaccia and Pizza Wheels.

In their final year, children in Year 6 look at the history of biscuits and how they are made and taste. They work in groups to create their own unique biscuit for our annual Great Biscuit Bake Off. During their practical sessions, they produce a range of biscuits, including Anzacs for our Royal British Legion sale. The term ends with each child designing and producing a Gingerbread House, ready to take home for their Christmas celebrations.

All the children are involved and take part in our annual R.N.L.I fundraiser, creating items to sell.